Here are just a few endorsements from other ministry leaders -  

Eric Metcalf - New Churches Now.jpg

“With only 1% of Christ-followers, God desires to see a missional church movement take place in Russia & Belarus.  If only He had an apostolic, Jesus-following leader who would humbly take point. Fortunately, God does: Joe Wilson. I am such a BIG FAN of New Churches Now.  I have seen first hand the impact they're making and it is world changing!  Because of New Churches Now, more and more people are find their way back to God.  What Joe and his team are doing to spark a movement of life-giving churches we should all see and get behind - relationally, spiritually and financially.”

- Eric Metcalf | Church Planter - Lincoln Park | Old Town, Chicago - Community Christian Church | Residency Director - NewThing

Shawn Lovejoy - New Churches Now.jpg

"Joe Wilson of New Churches Now is a church planting movement maker. God is going to use him BIG TIME. If you want to be part of what God is doing in the world, you should partner with him and New Churches Now."  

- Shawn Lovejoy | CEO - Courage to Lead | Author - The Measure of Our Success


Dave Ferguson - New Churches Now.jpg

"When it comes to church planting and movement-making, New Churches Now and Joe Wilson are getting it done! As a partner with NewThing, I’m proud of the more than 20 churches we’ve started in Russia and Belarus where less than 1% of the population attends church. If you have the opportunity to partner with Joe and New Churches Now you should not pass it up – they are changing the world and you will want to be a part of it!”

- Dave Ferguson | Lead Pastor - Community Christian Church | Spiritual Entrepreneur - NewThing 

Dave Travis - New Churches Now.jpg

"I have known Joe and the work his team is doing for the past 6 years. They have a great system of starting healthy new churches in hard places in the world. Their work in starting replicating churches for young generations is amazing when you consider the conditions of the "soil" where they are planting.

The techniques Joe uses to come alongside nationals in various regions to equip, train and deploy generations of new planters will yield fruit for many generations here on earth and eternally with the Father.

My family and I personally support their work. I pray that you would also consider joining with him in this vital role of helping get New Churches Now into critical parts of the world.

- Dave Travis | Chief Executive Officer / Chief Encouragement Officer | Leadership Network

Jon Ferguson - New Churches Now.jpg

"I believe God has given Joe Wilson with New Churches Now a "for such a time as this" opportunity in Russia.  He is on the brink of a reproducing church movement that could transform the spiritual landscape of the former Soviet Union. I had the privilege of traveling to Russia with him, and I was blown away by the need and opportunity. With less than 1% of the population claiming to follow Christ, we need to leverage the ground-breaking work he is doing to launch new churches now!”

- Jon Ferguson | Co-Founder - Community Christian Church