New Churches Now™

is “catalyzing” a movement of reproducing churches in the ex-Soviet Union and Eurasia. God is using this organization to solve the spiritual crisis in this part of the world where followers of Christ are one percent (1%) or less of the population. 

We’re advancing the Jesus Mission by –

  • Starting new churches with indigenous young leaders who disciple and train other local leaders.
  • Link all pastors together in a regional network for encouragement and accountability.

"West Cobb Church is fortunate to partner with New Churches Now (NCN). This organization is amazing! They get more 'bang for the buck' than any other missions organization that I know. Seriously. It's incredible what God accomplishes through Joe's leadership. God has led NCN to some of the coldest regions in the world…physically and spiritually. These regions discourage most leaders and many mission organizations pull out of the region because...Read More 

- Ken Williams | Lead Pastor - West Cobb Church

"When it comes to church planting and movement-making, New Churches Now and Joe Wilson are getting it done! As a partner with NewThing, I’m proud of the more than 20 churches we’ve started in Russia and Belarus where less than 1% of the population attends church. If you have the opportunity to partner with Joe and New Churches Now you should not pass it up – they are changing the world and you will want to be a part of it!”

- Dave Ferguson | Lead Pastor - Community Christian Church | Spiritual Entrepreneur - NewThing

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